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Roofing in Edmonton


Our roofing contractors have serviced neighbourhoods all over Edmonton.

Windemere, Crestwood, Rio Terrace, Patricia Heights, Westmount, Westridge, Laurier, Glenora, The Grange, Lewis Estates, Downtown, Manning, Belvedere, Beverley, Glenmount, Canora, Donsdale, Rundle Heights and many more, have been home to a Sargeants Roofing worksite!

We have provided roof repairs, maintenance, installations and other roofing services in the tight compacted inner city areas, requiring protection of old dutch elm historically protected trees, to the expensive cedar roof homes of Wedgewood and Donsdale. We have worked on old homes with plank roofs that have never had their roof changed, and we have done re-roofs on brand new homes installed in the winter. The majority of our business comes from Alberta’s Capital City, and we aim to take care of our community that serves us!