BP Shingle Lawsuit Part 2: Why you Shouldn’t Hate BP

How has BP compared against their competitors in the Organic Shingles debacle?

How has BP compared against their competitors in the Organic Shingles debacle?

Many Customers who have had BP Organic shingles installed on their roof might feel the temptation to dislike BP As a result of the lack of roof longevity.

Let’s make one thing clear, the experimental shingles made during this time frame were not exclusive to their company. Many manufacturers made the same or similar mistakes in their manufacturing process.

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The major difference is that BP Took care of their customers, they are a Canadian Company and the bulk of their client base is also Canadian. Maybe it’s our world renowned Canadian Politeness?

Ultimately BP was fast to respond, came up with a generous settlement and even came up with a bonus settlement for re-using their newly redesigned shingles that have now been proven to lessen environmental impact.

Remember, only one company has never been sued – making most of the shingle manufactures pretty much on equal ground. Where they stand apart is, in how they have handled the legitimate claims of their customers.

If you currently have an IKO Shingle system installed on your roof that is subject to the same failures as the BP shingles. You have to navigate the hard decision to either;

  • Leave the shingles on your home for another year, hoping for a settlement or;
  • Take care of your home and install new shingles – voiding your ability to make a claim.

The number of houses with these other brands of shingles are numbered in the millions due to stronger penetration into the Canadian Market. So you can see why spending a few hundred thousand dollars a year on a legal team to delay is a sound investment on their part!

The claims process is also quite easy, there are local reps living right here in Edmonton to assist with your claim and ultimately the good Karma and positive feelings left behind for most homeowners is great for business. Over the years, we didn’t know that BP was in a class action suit!

Tips to Make the Most of your Claim

When we worked for another roofing company as employees, we would go to estimates and see homes that were easily recognized as BP Shingles and we just responded that Alberta had hard weather and the “25 year shingle” was a myth.

As time went on, and we started our own company, which brought about a passion to be the best! This also meant we learned more about the roofing industry and came to know the BP shingle claim lawsuit and its settlement details. There is a bit of guilt because we (like every other roofer) didn’t know better and simply sold and installed a new roof on our clients homes, thus eliminating the evidence and their ability to make a claim, without even knowing!

So we as a company decided that we would take it upon ourselves to understand the claim and to help homeowners get what they deserve from our trusted shingle partners. It’s not that BP wouldn’t have paid the claim, it is that we as roofers and roofing estimators are not trained by the company to recognize the shingles, and how to file a claim. There is also the fact that filing a claim takes time which means we need to be prepared! 

That is why this winter we want to spend some time while we are unable to roof responsibly, and focus on helping people file claims so the paperwork is approved and ready for the 2017 roofing season! 🙂 

Thanks for reading!

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