Can a New Roof Improve the Value of Your Home?

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infographic7Edmonton Home Owners get more money for the sale of their home with a new roof!

If you are a homeowner in Edmonton that’s planning on selling in the next few years and are looking for some renovations that add value and curb appeal to your home, you may want to consider roofing. While many homeowners are quick to update the interior of their home as well as exterior touches like siding or decking, roofing can have a powerful impact as well. Installing a new roof can not only improve the insulation in your home but also give it a fresh new look that will improve the value and curb appeal.

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The other thing to consider is that the cost of NOT re-roofing your home can hurt your resale value more than the actual cost of the new roof. As demonstrated in the above infographic, homeowners will take more time to sell their home, realtors will require more funds to list your home, and buyers will expect a discount well in excess of the price to fix or redo your roof. This is in addition to the cosmetic issue of old shingles curling and clawing, or looking old. The new homeowner does not want to move in and immediately spend their renovation and decorating money to take care of “Boring” things like reinstalling new shingles on the roof. They also do not want to move into their brand new house and risk finding the worst contractor in Edmonton to do the roof work. So, if they are going to add that to their home buying experience, they will expect a discount in excess of the cost.

Simply said, it pays to know when your roof needs to be done, and to do it before you need to sell!

Here are some of the top indications that it may be time to include roofing in your renovation budget as you prepare to sell your home.

The age of your roof:

If your roof is over 15 years old it may be a good idea to get some type of professional inspection. While many roofing installations are designed to last longer than 15 years checking your shingles and checking the structural integrity of your roof will help to identify weaknesses and give you a quote for replacement if needed.

Quality of shingles:

New shingles can give your home a beautiful and updated look. If you have missing shingles or curled shingles this is also an indication of water damage or rot. Any missing shingles on your roof could be potentially exposing the roof structure to the elements which can lead to more expensive repairs later on. These are warning signs for any potential home buyer and a nice uniform roof with new shingles is bound to improve your curb appeal.

Gutter condition:

If your gutters have rust or they are sagging this can be an indication of disrepair. Flaking paint and rust can not only detract from the look of your home but also in indication that the homeowner will need to pay for replacement soon after moving in. Replacing or repairing gutters can be an excellent way to update the look of your home and ensure that your roof is draining properly.

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Utilize these tips to improve your curb appeal through roofing installations.

Thanks again for reading, if you have more questions regarding the sale of your home, consult a realtor!

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