How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter Part 2

dreamstime_xxl_16260041Winter will be here before you know it, and with it, will come icy, windy and cold weather. Is your roof ready for winter?

Unless you can confidently say yes without any hesitation or second-guessing, then you’ve come to the right place. At Sargeant’s Roofing, we know how hard the winter can be on your roof, and we are here to help you prepare your roof for the harsh weather ahead. Have you had a chance to read our last blog? If you have, then you already know about a couple of the steps you should take to prepare your roof for winter. Here is a couple more:

3. Keep your gutters clean.

Your gutters are much more important than you might think because they give rainwater and melted snow and ice a safe way to leave your roof. However, those beautiful fall leaves and other debris can build up in your gutters over time, preventing them from doing their job. If your gutters are clogged, it increases the likelihood of roof leaks and other issues, so it’s important to stay on top of cleaning your gutters throughout the fall and right before winter hits.

4. Inspect the flashings.

The flashings, located around your chimney and the other projections on your roof, help to keep rain, as well as melting snow and ice, from leaking into your roof and into your home. These flashings can dry out or become cracked or damaged over time, and it’s essential to make sure that they are in good shape before the winter comes. Fix or replace any damaged flashings.

We just have a couple more tips to help you prepare your roof for winter, so if you would like to learn more, please stay tuned for our next blog or contact us today!

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