How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter Part 3

dreamstime_xxl_59957908Winter is a magical time of the year for many reasons, but it can be incredibly hard on your roof.

There’s nothing cozier than sipping a cup of hot cocoa while you sit by the fire watching the snowfall outside. Winter can be an incredible time of the year for many reasons. But for all of the good that comes with winter, it also brings howling winds, bitter cold temperatures, snow and ice, which can all be very hard on your roof. If you haven’t already, check out our Edmonton roofing expert’s latest blog to learn a few tips for preparing your roof for winter. Here are a couple more:

#5. Remove any and all debris from your roof valleys.

The valleys on your roof can start to collect leaves, twigs and other debris. This debris is bad for two reasons: A) it can soak up water from rain, melting snow and melting ice, leading to roof leaks, and B) it blocks the flow of melted water and rainwater, which can also lead to roof leaks. We never recommend that you get up on your roof, so either have a professional remove the debris from your roof valleys or invest in an extension duster to remove the debris.

#6. Have your roof professionally inspected and repaired.

The very best thing that you can do as a homeowner is to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof before winter comes. The professionals at Sargeant’s Roofing have years of experience, and they know how to spot hidden issues that could plague your roof and your pocketbook all winter long. Plus, they can also make any necessary repairs.

Don’t leave your roof’s fate up to chance this winter!

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