Roofing in Fort McMurray

The call will come for Albertan roofing contractors to rebuild Fort McMurray. Truth be told, we are not in a huge rush, and we don't want to be the kind of people that chase a fire truck in the hopes of making a buck. There is a big part of our minds that feels that we should stay back and take care of the community in Edmonton and surrounding areas that has helped support our company.

However, should the request be made for roof repair in McMurray, Sargeant's Roofing will be ready. We have the infrastructure in place to move a second crew in for medium to long-term. Our hearts are with the residents of Fort McMurray and hope that everyone finds contractors that will stand behind their work.

We do not want to jump into the mix with the long list of fly by night, tailgate roofing contractors that will no doubt start popping up. However, there will be a lot of low-bid undercapitalized roofers chasing subcontracting positions with the large organizations that work directly with insurance companies. So make sure you download our e-book to learn more about how to qualify contractors before allowing work to commence on your home.