Roofing in Sherwood Park

6e4519c8-f395-4452-9fd4-e4d4498e7fafSherwood Park is one of the most beautiful and distinctive communities in the area. Over the last decade, our roofing contractors have spent a lot of time working on some of the most intricately designed acreage homes surrounding the urban area. We understand the unique challenges of the upscale estate property owners needs. From how we place the disposal bins, to our commitment to protecting landscaping, down to the way we park our vehicles on site and the professional presence we keep while on the job, we are sure to do the kind of work we are known for. When you turn to Sargeant’s Roofing for roof repairs, installations and all of your other roofing needs, we will come and go from your neighbourhood in a way that makes your neighbours happy you chose us!