Roofing in Stony Plain

image4Having grown up in Stony Plain, the town holds a special place in Adam's' heart. Adam is one of our roofing contractors, and he grew up on Brown Street, spending time at the skatepark as a kid. He remembers when the Seven Eleven opened and he and his friends spent time there listening to stereos. Before Memorial Comp closed, he was a student there and has fond memories of playing for the Parkland Predator Football and Rugby teams, as well as training with them at Court 21 across from Meridian Heights School.

There is nothing that he enjoys more than getting out with the crew and taking care of a home in his own backyard!

Fill out the form below to book an estimate for roof repairs, installations and all of your other roofing needs, and I would count on getting a great experience, considering the "home" advantage.