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Emergency Roof Repair

The Most Common Roofing Issues

When it comes to your roof, it always pays to be prepared. No one wants to have to pay for roof repairs in Edmonton that they could have avoided, and as a homeowner, it always pays to be prepared, especially when it comes to your roof. However, if you don’t know what the potential problems… read more

What Threatens Your Roof? Part 3

When you know what can damage your roof, you can get the prompt repairs you need. Prompt roof repairs in Edmonton are a must for preventing further damage and saving money, but if you don’t know what can damage your roof, it might not be obvious that you need to get it repaired. At Sargeant’s… read more

How to Locate a Roof Leak

FOLLOW THESE TIPS FOR FINDING AND FIXING YOUR HOME! With all the rain lately, we find it crucial to show home owners how to find a leak in your roof. How to locate a roof leak: A leak in your roof can be extremely detrimental to the overall structure of your home. Leaks in your… read more

How a cold roof system can make your cedar roof last 2x longer!

WHY WEDGE WOOD CEDAR DOESN’T LAST? No cold roof system installed most likely! Read on. Have you heard that a Cedar Roof should last 30+ years? That they are extremely reliable, long lasting, insulating and cost effective? Where does this rumour come from? Out in British Columbia, Cedar roofs are a lot more common than… read more

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